Proper Way to Store Scopes; In Climate Controlled Environment

With all of the avid gun collectors out there and all the scopes that they have; it is no wonder that storing these items is a big deal. You have to store them to ensure that they do not get into the wrong hands and you also have to store them in a place that will not allow them to get damaged, especially if you do not use them often. Do you know the proper way to store scopes; in a climate controlled environment?

Prolong the Life of Your Rifle Scope

A lot of scopes are designed to be resistant to weather. They may say that they are fog proof and completely resistant to moisture because of the fact that they are sealed on the inside where it matters. However, some people have discovered that sudden changes may still have a negative effect; especially when storing them. A lot of storage cabinets are not climate controlled environments. They get hot or cool depending on the temperature outside of them and most of them do not have air ventilation to keep stale air circulating. This has rusted many rifles prematurely and it has also damaged quite a few scopes. Even those scopes that are weather resistant in all ways can develop condensation when going from hot to cold, without air flow; especially if they already have a little damage or they are older scopes.

Prevent Condensation when Storing Scopes

A brand new, right out of the box rifle scope may not need help to keep the condensation at bay. The older scopes that may have been dropped or have faulty gaskets will need help. Warmth will keep moisture out of the scope. It may also help you to dry out the scope if condensation or fogging has already occurred. The best thing you can do is attempt to improve indoor air quality inside of your storage cabinet. For that reason, we suggest you keep the scope in an area that will not allow too much moisture to accumulate.

Why Moisture is Bad for Scopes

Have you ever walked into your home after a vacation and discovered that everything felt damp? Perhaps you noticed a stale odor that was unappealing? Musky? In your home, when you first start to notice a foul, stale odor; you most likely open your windows and do what you can to change the air quality of your home. If you didn’t do that, your house would eventually develop mold and mildew spores that would settle into your furniture. It is not much different for a gun cabinet, except we rarely think to air them out.

Typically speaking, rifles and scopes are kept in a tiny little box or cabinet for weeks at a time. The cabinet is usually closed up, with no fresh air, temperature changing night and day. If you could climb in, you would probably smell the staleness and feel the moisture. Overtime, it can lease to mold and mildew growth within that tiny little area and on everything that is inside of the cabinet.