Protecting Your Scope from Indoor Pest

In some areas, pests are a common problem both outdoors and inside of any home, office, or building. Not only are there biting insects that may nibble on you in your sleep, but there are other bugs that are just annoying. They are the German Roaches, Palmetto Bugs, and spiders, but they may also include sugar ants and more. Home infestations can happen quickly, and no one ever really knows where they are going to potentially make a home for themselves. They could nest in a cabinet, in your electronics, or even in your gun safe. Would you ever really think about protecting your scope from indoor pests? If not, perhaps it is time that you do.

Protecting Your Home’s Safe

Rifle SafeIf you think about it, it makes sense. Most pests, especially small roaches, enjoy dark, damp places. They do not want to be seen, but they need food and water to survive. The interior area of a safe is often very dark, a little damp, and rarely opened. You may be curious about how they can get into a safe that is locked and sealed up. You may ask yourself how, if a safe is fire resistant, can they possibly get into it. The answer is; they simply crawl in through any crack. If you have a vent on your safe to keep the dampness at bay, they can come in through it. If there is a damaged area on a corner, they can go through it. They have the ability to get into some of the oddest areas. They may even squeeze into areas under something that you feel is flush against the floor. The worst part is; those pests can tear up a lot of things once they get inside.

The Damage They Cause

Check For Damage

Have you ever had a digital clock or known someone who had one and they found a bug inside of it? Or have you ever seen a central air unit that stopped working because ants built a nest inside of it and messed up the contact points? It happens much more often than you may realize. Often it is due to a severe infestation, but it is possible. Electronics are a very common target because if plugged in, they radiate warmth and a vibration that seems to appeal to some pests. In a safe though, the problem is amplified by tight quarters. They can nibble on papers or stain them up with their waste, they can get inside of your rifle scope so that it has to be thrown away, and more.

What You Can Do

If you have a safe area for insects to hide, make sure you check it occasionally. If your safe has a vent or a fan, check your items to make sure that nothing is nibbling on sensitive things within it. Keeping your storage areas dry will also help in keeping them pest free. In other areas around your home, you may also want to consider using an indoor mosquito trap since it can capture a lot of the flying pests and those that may walk across it. Getting rid of pests is not impossible, but it does take diligence. Do you have what it takes to protect your scope?