Rifle Scope Vs Spotting Scope

When it comes to hunting, accuracy counts. You need to know that when you pull the trigger, you are going to hit your target. The same can be said for all other forms of target shooting and the farther away your target is, the harder it will be to hit your mark. That is why there are so many who wonder which best, a rifle scope or a spotting scope. Perhaps it is here that you will find the answer.

High End Rifle Scopes Vs a Spotting Scope

KonusThere are many reasons that someone may choose to go with a higher end scope. Most high end AR-15 hunting scopes can make even a not so accurate gun, perfect. They are easy to look through and have the ability to help you hit your target, even over long distances.

However, with a spotting scope, many people feel that it enables them to see even further. It is often a lot more stable to look through than a pair of binoculars or even a rifle scope because it is designed to be used on a stationary tripod or some other stable surface.

Perhaps Use Both?

There are people who use both devices because they perform a different job. It is easier for many to use the spotting scope rather than binoculars when they want to see over a long distance and it also ensures that they are not possibly pointing their rifles at something they would not want to shoot.

There are also those people who feel that if you have a good rifle scope, you do not need to carry more than absolutely necessary when you are out in the woods. They feel that their rifle scopes are just as accurate as a spotting scope and that when they see a target, it is easier to use their rifle and shoot at it rather than have to find their target again. It all depends on how each individual feels about it.

How are They Most Useful?

A spotting scope is designed to be accurate while you are scanning the area for a potential target. Then you can zero in on the target with your rifle scope and wait for a clear shot at it. They are easier to use than binoculars and offer a very clear view of targets that are far away.


Rifle scopes perform the same job of bringing something far away into view. There are a variety of features available in a rifle scope to make them easier to use and in many cases, you can find them for a relatively cheap price. In fact, many people feel that the best rifle scope under $100 can perform just as well as any spotting scope or the higher end scopes that are available for their rifle.

It is a never ending battle and no one will ever be able to tell you which is best between a rifle scope and a spotting scope. You have to do what you feel will work the best for you and let other people continue having their own debate over a rifle scope vs spotting scopes.